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Your donations enable us to keep the chain going! H2H4Autism is a 501(c)3 non-profit and relies on donations from people like you. Below is a list of all of the wonderful scholarships and services that your donations directly fund. When donating, please specify which scholarship you would like to donate to in the section on the PayPal labeled “add special instructions to the sender”.

H2H4Autism has five current scholarship opportunities:

1. The Patrick Christopher Hearts from Heaven Scholarship

the boysThis scholarship is for two $500 one time a year scholarships for enrichment classes.

Patrick and Christopher Quigg were brothers of our Executive Assistant Tara and the nephews of our C.E.O. Patricia.
Patrick and Christopher were both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. Through early intervention, ABA therapy, and enrichment programs, they were thriving and learning more each day. Patrick loved playing baseball in town and played hockey on the New Jersey Daredevils while Christopher was part of the Special Olympics. Enrichment was a large part of their lives.
Sadly, Patrick and Christopher both tragically died in a house fire in Bergen County. Both Tara and Pattie work hard to honor them.
This fund is in memory of these two very special individuals who live on in our hearts each and every day.


2. Rafaello’s Brave Heart Scholarship

Rafaello MilordoAn $800 scholarship good for a week of winter, spring or summer camp (Camp Braveheart).

Rafaello Milordo is a funny and energetic little boy who was diagnosed with Autism at two years old. Like many children with Autism, he struggles socially. In addition to Autism, he has sensory issues and OCD tendencies. His favorite person in the whole world is his older sister Gianna. His family is always laughing at the funny things he says and does. He wants to live at the beach when he grows up and loves the sand and ocean.




3. Dominick Della Fave Jr. Dare to Dream Fund

domThis scholarship pays for the out of pocket costs for ABA therapy.

Dominick’s life was dedicated to the children & families he served as an ABA therapist. He rarely missed a day even when receiving chemotherapy. Dom was a friend to all, a blessing to the families, and a hero to the children. He was the beacon of light that shined through the darkness. He was humble, kind and loyal.
His memory lives on in our hearts and will never be forgotten. He died as he lived; as everyone’s friend.



4. Keira L. Quinn Service Animal Fund

Keira H2H4AutismPays for a service animal (rescued from a shelter when possible) to be trained and placed in a home.

Keira was the niece of our CEO and an angel to all. She had a gift for loving & understanding our animal friends. It didn’t matter how large or small; she loved and cared for them all. This scholarship is to honor her precious short life that touched all that knew her and her love for every animal she ever laid eyes on.
Service Animal Application

5. Heart to Heart Education Scholarship Fund

H2H-Volunteer-300x239A $1000 scholarship for 4 years for those studying in a field related to Autism or Special Education.

The Heart to Heart Education Scholarship Fund honors all the high school students that come to volunteer their time at Heart to Heart and choose to continue their education in the Special Education field.

College Scholarship Application


6. The H2H Fund

This is where we ask for your help! The H2H fund is how we continue to provide ongoing services to those with Special Needs. Your generous donations will go towards the day to day services and maintenance of H2H. This is a chance to help us carry out our mission: to link all our hearts, connecting one family at a time.